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why 360 digital eyes



360 Digital Eyes is a revolutionized digital firm, aiming to facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs and graduates by providing digital solutions to startups and businesses which not only enhance their creativity but also adds innovation to their way of seeking their business, broadening their client base, and restructuring their services and products. The focal point of service for 360 Digital Eyes is our digital services. Digital facilities like social media marketing, web development, creative writing, corporate branding, digital strategy, and business consultation, registration have been our expertise benefitting new businesses. However, this does not limit our horizons as our corporate training and development, youth development and training, capacity building programs also hold great importance in changing the way aspiring graduates struggle to find employment. These programs equip them with the necessary skills needed to succeed in the corporate world.



360 Digital Eyes, a growing firm is facilitating emerging ventures and businesses by providing digital solutions catering their needs. It is safe to say that 360 Digital Eyes has gained the required experience to become experts in the field of digital solutions. Our company have clients who are being successfully managed and provided the necessary facilities as per their requirement. Services such as social media marketing, business consultancy and registration, corporate branding, web development, and many more have become our strengths. We have also provided more than 100 physical and online workshops/ training sessions to hundreds of student and graduates with the help of our training program helping them with the necessary skills required to find good employment opportunity.


To provide your brand with not only the required services but help you to stand out among the competitors.


Our mission ranges from contributing our services to help you reach your targeted goal of digital advertising, developing young individuals’ skill set and build a sustainable employee centric workplace.


360 Digital Eyes aims to revolutionize the corporate world through its digital services which offer a unique experience to the clients. This is due to the whole world adapting digital solutions at a fast pace changing the traditional ways of marketing and working. With our digital solutions such as social media marketing, digital strategies, corporate branding, creative writing, and web development, we want to change and develop businesses for the upcoming digital era. To fit in our graduates in this era and the corporate world, we have laid out multiple corporate and development training programs to fit them into the new employee criteria and job market.


We believe in humanitarian services important than another services. We cater the special community by facilitating them with jobs if needed, based on their skills. We believe in no gender preference and offer employability and internships based on individual capability and on merit. We also provide a comfortable and convenient environment for the women, considering feasible timings for their ease. In case of emergencies and for those who can’t give full time, we provide feasible work from home opportunities maintaining possible time intervals.


On 18 September 2018, our company got registered in SECP and FBR as “Babar Kashmir Digi Freelance Service Provider (SMC Pvt. Ltd)”. In November 2018, IBA- Incubation fellowship program selected our company and facilitated us with Incubation on IBA Main campus. Our team thrived and grew under IBA fellowship program from November 2018-January 2019. After that, from ‘Babar Kashmir Digi Freelancer service Provider (SMC-Private) Ltd On 19January 2019. We officially changed our name to 360 Digital eyes (SMC Pvt. Ltd). On September 5, 2019, Sindh Research Incubation Centre selected 360 Digital Eyes, which is funded and facilitated by Sindh Information and technology department and IBA-CICT Department for one-year Incubation Program. 360 Digital Eyes started its services with a mission of efficiently providing services to clients. We began with our first marketing service where marketing experts worked to increase both newly started and existing brands’ awareness and to target the potential audience. The services then extended in branches where we started providing services including Digital media marketing, Startup branding, Web developing, Graphic designing, Analytics and in the following year introduced other new services which included Cooperate connect series and humanitarian impact. Today we are providing around 10+ services under same banner and looking forward to expanding our services in these domains.

core values


Believe in mutual respect – affirm dignity, potential and contribution of associates participants, partners and staff.


Act consistently with our mission, honest and transparent in what we do and say and accept responsibility for our individual and collective actions.


Resolve to maintain and improve credibility among the employees about its work. Work together effectively to serve the larger society.


Constantly challenge us to the highest levels of learning and performance, to achieve greater impact.


360 Digital eyes, is a Pakistani based digital firm, aims at revolutionizing youth and job culture by facilitating young students with Creative and efficiency enhancing skills to transform workplace in fast adaptable world which is growing and adapting to more and more advanced technology faster than ever. Having completed its numerous workshops across Karachi, in different institutes, targeting graduated and providing them a platform to experience real time corporate experience facilitated by highly experienced Public and private sector successful mentors of ours.


The businesses who want to make their website, who want to increase their number of customers or want to train their employees can avail our services. In addition, institutes who want to provide training and development for their students can also benefit from our services. Internships Job placement and Employability related services. 360 digital Eyes is a digital platform that provides you services like Identity Branding, Web development, Graphic Designing, Digital Business tactics, Digital Marketing, SMM, SMS, Training and development Workshops Planning and Organizing under a single umbrella. Our aim is to provide services to our clients effectively and efficiently. We help businesses to build and sustain them through employability skills and digital marketing tactics.

vision for the future



We act in a manner of openness, communication and accountability. Our clients always have a clear image of our actions, information share is always confidential, and we believe in operating with all laws and regulations.


we believe in credibility and commitment. Our employees, interns and partners are chosen based on their knowledge and skill set and no other criteria is given a due share.


We aim to create an environment of equality and sustainability. 360 Digital eyes have always been entrepreneurial and believes in integrity.



We always try to fulfill the commitments we make with our clients, partners and employees and serve them with all the means possible always creating a win-win situation.


360 Digital Eyes has been providing digital services to its clients for a few years. However, we want to bring in the digital working environment and facilitate our clients using our services like digital marketing, create designing and writing, digital strategy, and corporate branding. Our objective is to increase our reach by being more accessible to our potential clients. We want to maximize our services by engaging with more clients to enhance the digital exposure in small and medium firms. This along with our training programs which we aim to carefully develop and choose so that many more aspiring graduates can benefit from the skills required for job employability.

HOW WE sustain

360 digital eyes actively engage and sponsor in Marketing Functions, Corporate campaigns, and contests. This does not only give a spotlight to the company further provides exposure to develop contacts. As we connect through people our pool of association expands, hence creates more prospects of rendering services or collaborations. Our charging interest for our clients has caused us to deliver better than our last. We have no option but to achieve higher.We are grateful to every one of our partners for their constant support to us, for believing we can plus for achieving victory for themselves. We are blessed and we know it!