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Internship & Jobs

360 Digital Eyes is a digital platform bridging the gap between corporate and academic sector. And enabling the youth with required skill set for the future. We believe in gender equality, empowerment of women and no discrimination based on gender or race. We provide equal opportunity and engagement to flourish your abilities.We provide the opportunity to young graduate and under-graduate students to develop professional skills and give them guidance to groom their skills in related fields. 

360 Digital Eyes is offering internships in the forms as:

Virtual / Social Internship

It is an online internship program, acknowledging the intern to work in their area of choice and gain experience in a remote work environment.



Corporate Internships

We also offer corporate/office internships which are paid and allow intern to work in an administrative and collaborative environment. A great opportunity to have a great learning and training opportunity.



Be a part of 360 Digital Eyes team

You can be part of 360 digital Eyes team if you excel at your internship. The criteria for it will be based on your progress, performance, productivity and consistency. You will have the chance to learn from our senior team and upgrade your skillset.